Today I received the email from the concierge for RCCL, they contact everyone that has booked a suite.  They let you know some options and of course are you interested in booking a cabana on the private Island Labadee.

Of course who would not be interested in a cabana on Barefoot beach.  Hopefully I will be lucky enough to be able to secure a cabana but they are booked on a first come basis, so if you are not in a suite I am not sure if you would be able to book them.

I also downloaded the Royal IQ app on my phone.  Right now it does nothing but when we board it should be a useful tool.

One of the nice things about being in a suite is that you will have access to a Suite Lounge.  A dining area just for suite guests, the Coastal Kitchen, for breakfast and lunch, and dinner with reservations.

I do not want to forget on Deck 17 there is a private sun deck for suite guests, and another perk is when you are staying in a suite you have access to “in suite dining” when the main dining room is open.  This is a great option when you have been busy all day and just want to relax in your suite but want a wonderful meal.

I look forward to sharing with everyone my experience on the Harmony of the Seas, remember I am always working for my clients.




What was the first item I added to my cruise planner?  The Beverage package, I like to enjoy a few adult beverages on vacation so this what the first thing I added.  I did my homework first, the price is usually about $50-$55 per person per day for our cruise so you have to decide if that is something that is a value to you.

This includes drinks up to a $13 value so lets say your drink is more than that, you just pay the difference.  I hope I get to experience some great tequila or wine!

What do you do right after you book a RCCL cruise?  You start your cruise planner, this is where you select your tours, dining, and beverage package.  You can also view the shows on the cruise and select what show you want on each night.  This is a great way to see it all and stay organzied.

Exploring the Cruise Planner, as a travel agent this is not something I work with often so when booking my own cruise I quickly realized this was going to be an important part of my cruise.  First thing, book your beverage package, tours, dining, and a great time to decide what night you want to do what shows!!